vol. 211 2018年3月25日の壬生老人ホームでの依頼演奏, 3月30日の練習


3月25日に、クインテットで壬生老人ホームで演奏した。老人ホームの3月お誕会であったので、老人がたくさんいらっしゃった。演奏した曲は「三百六十五歩マーチ」、 「なごり雪」、「故郷」、 「上を向いて歩こう」、「青い山脈」、また「また逢う日まで」であった。






チューバ アンドリュー・フィッシャー

On March 30th, we continued rehearsing Riverdance. Riverdance is a musical originating from Ireland. As a Westerner, I love this piece, and think of my own country every time I hear it. I am not sure whether this musical is popular in Japan, but it is quite famous in the United States.

As the tuba part is not particularly difficult, I had no problems during practice, but it certainly seems that we are practicing at a quicker tempo each time. Actually, because part of this piece is in 7/8 time, the first time we played it, I found it quite difficult, but each time we practice it, it becomes better. It will be wonderful to perform this piece during the concert.

Tuba Andrew Fischer